Staircase Slide Mat


Staircase Slide Mat

(p.s. additionally, sure, my cadet and i would get into sleeping luggage and go barreling down the stairwell into a pile of sofa cushions. the finest!)

Staircase Slide Mat

That thing has Legislation Swimsuit Written all over it. No correct cushion at the destruction of it, smack your promontory on the course manifestation down…Wow, the Courts will have a discipline day with this one. Make it eiser on the quiet of us, and stick with the Cardboard & Basket concepts. Then when you’re in a wheelchair the relaxation of your life pooping and urinating out your sides in a bag, you can only blame your self for being a galactic fool
staircase slide mat 1

Staircase Slide Mat

bri I so would love to have one of these for my son hopefully it cones out quickly an is not to exspensive Gillian Maze When can we bye I signior’t care how much just get me one lol Daybreak Vaughan-Watkin Cannot wait till it comes out just inlet they make it inexpensive Sara Hernando Hurry and get this efficiency on the shelf. We poverty one! Oldradio99 All this buzz about this product and not one point out of where it can be deal with. Justine Marshall It says its the brainchild of inventor Trisha Cleveland, who is working with Quirky to make the product a actuality tonidoe I want 1 how do I purchase it Andyman7714 That is not a slide. It is an angled loss of life drop. Not much of a curve at the backside there. dinodev i just necessity some stairs ;-; Kevin it is too extensive, need room to go back up the stairs

Staircase Slide Mat

I have deceitful landings on my stairs (2 45 diploma turns). I would love to have one of these customized made for my stairs. including in the flip mid interval down would make the slide even more enjoyable! This wants to be offered in modular items that could be bought individually so that each buyer could construct the slide that excellent for their personal stairs – peak, apply, and many others. I LOVE this thought!

Staircase Slide Mat

So enjoyable! I don’t keep in mind doing this as a offspring, but I did pump my slapper down my stairs as soon as Sadly our stairs have a right angle that would make this tough, but it’s enjoyable vigilance you guys. The security considerations at all times make me chortle. I made W a cubby with skateboard wheels that gotta reposted a entire hump of locations and I critically got dozens of emails telling me how harmful it was. I imply I perceive the curiosity however… um
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Staircase Slide Mat

DESPERATELY! My 6 12 months antique grandson has had 2 stroking so has restricted mobility. He can crawl up the stairs, but has afflict getting down – this would be a depraved and chortle distance for him to do it. Any youngster (and probably most adults if they were sincere) would love this. I think if it was a little narrower, there would be room to still use the stairs in the regular method. LOVE IT!

Staircase Slide Mat

The SlideRider is presently in a idea section and was designed by a group of inventors at Quirky, where a group of relations come together to collaborate on an perception for a product and work together to deliver it to fruition. The SlideRider is an intramural slide that you can slap down on to your stairs and give your youngster the high toy possible. Or, if you sir’t have any child leather-based just lube it up with a few tubes of KY Jelly, get out the tequila, invite over a few promoter, and you are certain to have a good time. The slide is constructed a bit more slender than a customary Embarrass of stairs so that there is a little pelham of room on the facet of the slide to go back up the stairs
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Staircase Slide Mat

Cardboard heck, my boys used my ironing board when I wasn’t round..It was nice for them till it broke, and I found out….hummmmmmm.BUT this seems to be admirable and would be a nice way of getting the washing down to the washer..put your basket on and let go…
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I have mobility issues and coming down stairs is a nightmare. Marvel if this would unfold the downside, as long as there was a big cushion to crash in to at the backside. Stair raise up, slide down lol

Right here’s something that would make you want to be a child once more. The brainchild of inventor Trisha Cleveland, the SlideRider is a plant of foldable overthrown that will flip your boring, antiquated staircase into an all-weather, impromptu indoor slide. Why stroll down the stairs when you could effortlessly go down, proper?

This is the SlideRider, a set of linked folding mats that flip a staircase into a slide. The indoor slide is the brainchild of inventor Trisha Cleveland, who is working with Quirky to event the product a actuality. Cool thought
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20 I destitution this so dangerous.!!! I put mattresses from the bed on my stairs, then get in a polyester sleeping stomach, and transfer down! I’m 40 and not to original to have sport. X:-D.

Right here’s something that would make you want to be a child once more. The brainchild of inventor Trisha Cleveland, the SlideRider is a set of foldable mats that will flip your tedious, old staircase into an all-weather, impromptu indoor skid. Why stroll down the stairs when you could effortlessly slide down, proper? Dad and mom need not fear about security. It comes with built-in hand rails that preclude riders from sliding off the mat. It’s also constructed from a light-weight but sturdy foam that could assist a brat’s weight. Pillows at the backside of the slide would be a commendable thought too. Or better but, a kiddie pool! When not in method – which would be zero p.c of the time – it can be folded and tucked away. Cleveland is presently working with Quirky to make the SlideRider a actuality. You can know more about the venture right here. By way of The Awesomer

Right this moment’s DIY Enjoyable is not for the low. Or very younger. Or for the particular person who left a remark on this weblog submit who appeared aghast(predicate) that I would let my kids play with a large ice dice with out outfitting them with security goggles. That’s not how we roll around right here. Earlier this week, I decided to give the old staircase a makeover. We have been caught indoors for a bit longer than we’d all like, and the boys were need to blow off some steam. Which interprets to: do something shortly earlier than they truly tear the partitions down. Supplies Wanted additional massive package deal forfex bale tape copious pillows I apologize for the dejected high quality of these photos- Milo by accident flipped the swap to handbook focus on the digital camera and I was too distracted to observe at the footage till after the entire thing was over– but you get the thought! First, I reduce the supernumerary massive field, then folded underneath all the flaps to create a long slide. I taped the flaps together (beneath the slide) to make it doubly-thick. Subsequent, I taped the high part of the fall glow to the stairs, and perplex pillows and blankets beneath every open roam so that the cardboard would not buckle when the boys slid down (if you don’t do this, they will hit the edge of each step which makes for a protuberant trip). At the backside, I cushiony the touchdown with a toddler mattress and several more pillows and blankets. I had Milo check it by going only midway up, then sliding down a few occasions earlier than letting Oliver try. It was tremendous quick, but actually safer than sliding down the stairs in a pasteboard field like my brother and I method to do! Yep, you’d better suppose I attempted it out (Milo took the two above footage!). The touchdown The boys (minus Emil) performed on this all afternoon, then requested me to set it up once more the subsequent morning. Nice enjoyable! They also had a blast racing matchbox qualifier down the ramp over and over once more. Did you ever do something like this as a child? Each Andrew and I had enjoyable recounting reminiscences of comparable actions when we were little. And if you have carpeted stairs, this would be even higher!

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